David Miller & Associates, P.A. offers traditional architectural services for a wide
variety of commercial, governmental and residential projects. The firm is distinctly
capable of responding to the needs of a client in providing this service. A field
orientation to construction processes and problems helps fulfill the needs of the clients.
Due to Mr. Miller's design training and background, a sophisticated, as well as buildable
architecture is created.

David Miller and Associates, P.A. provides Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and
Plumbing Engineering services in conjunction with the architectural services. These
services are modified on a project to project basis to suit the requirements of each
individual client.

David Miller and Associates, P.A. provides planning services to assist clients who wish
to undertake both straightforward and large, complex, multiple-use projects. This service
can be utilized at the inception of a project to determine how the ultimate land use should
be structured, as well as to achieve governmental approvals and set the stage for
individual portions of the project to begin. Site planning services are also provided for
individual free-standing projects.

David Miller and Associates, P.A. provides Project Management services on an
individual or collective project basis. This is accomplished by serving as the eyes and
ears of the Owner in providing the project management service from the project inception
through the bidding, final completion, and ultimate occupancy. This service can operate
in conjunction with, or independent of the architectural, engineering, and planning

David Miller and Associates, P.A. provides an Interior Design service in conjunction
with architectural services. This service also includes recommendations for the selections
of interior finishes as well as purchase of furnishings, fixtures, and artwork for the